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The WHO Regional Office for Europe and EuroPharm Forum step up collaboration on pharmacy practice for mental health, obesity and palliative care and acknowledge the role of pharmacists in health systems

The WHO Regional Office for Europe and EuroPharm Forum will join efforts to support organizations of European pharmacists in developing the best practice models. The models will provide practical and cost-effective examples that can be used in chronic diseases, mental disorders, obesity, palliative care and other sectors. Together with WHO, the EuroPharm Forum will develop and make these models available to all countries through its Observatory on Pharmacy Practice.

On the 29 March 2009, at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen, the EuroPharm Forum and the Regional Office signed a memorandum of understanding detailing their agreement to work more closely in developing accessible resources for pharmacists in the WHO European Region. The overall objective is to help them in developing services and skills to increasingly meet patients’ needs.

WHO and the EuroPharm Forum recognize that pharmacists have been faced with increasing health demands that extend beyond selling medicine. Pharmacists have a vital role to play in efforts to provide safe and effective medicines, helping to ensure the best treatment for patients and save lives. The memorandum of understanding aims at strengthening this role.

Source: WHO Media Center, 29 March 2009