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PR - PGEU releases Best Practice Paper on AMR

On the 29th June, the European Commission launched new Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). According to the Commission in EU alone AMR costs 1.5 billion EUR annually in healthcare costs and lost productivity and threatens achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals. The 2nd Action plan reinforces global EU commitment to tackle AMR and addresses both humans and animals under so called OneHealth approach.

On the same date, the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union published a Best Practice Paper on antimicrobial resistance entitled “The Community Pharmacist Contribution to Tackling AMR”. With this paper European community pharmacists respond to the European Commission’s call to make the EU a ‘best practice region’.

The paper provides an overview of the activities and services community pharmacists provide across Europe which help address the issue of AMR, as well as several key recommendations:

1. Governments are encouraged to involve community pharmacists in AMR Action Plans developed at a national level,
2. Coordinators of the EU Joint Action on AMR & healthcare acquired infections are encouraged to actively involve community pharmacists in the process,
3. Increased collaboration and communication between community pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, health service providers, regulators, industry, patients and the public is encouraged.

Community pharmacists are often the first and final contact in the health system before a pharmaceutical, a device or another health intervention is supplied. They play pivotal roles in counselling patients and promoting antimicrobial stewardship. They provide preventative action, referral, disposal, treatment in the pharmacy and constantly strive for quality improvements and innovation in pharmacy practice.


Read the Best Practice Paper here