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PR on BPhU 10th Anniversary

On the 10th of February, the Bulgarian Pharmacy Union (BPhU) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.


Since 2007, the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union has been faithfully committed to advancing pharmacy profession and continually expanded its engagement both at national and International level. Prof. Ilko Geto, President of BPhU, has served as member of the PGEU Executive Committee from 2012 to 2015 and as PGEU Vice President in 2016. BPhU has become a professional leader and a tremendous resource for over 6,000 Bulgarian pharmacists. Through networking, professional development, and education opportunities, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union helps its dedicated member base to grow as leaders and stay connected in an increasingly-complex world.


Mr Rajesh Patel, MBE when congratulating BPhu said: “On behalf of all the Pharmaceutical Group the European Union (PGEU) members, I commend the exemplary efforts of everyone affiliated with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union and extend my appreciation for your many valuable contributions to the European community pharmacy and PGEU.”