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PR on PGEU event on State of Health in the EU: the Community Pharmacy Contribution

Brussels, November 15, 2016: Today in the European Parliament the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union hosted an event entitled ‘State of Health in EU: Community Pharmacy Contribution” sponsored by Françoise Grossetête, MEP (EPP).

This event brought together several renowned international experts and senior EU Officials as well as representatives of patients, the healthcare industry and healthcare professionals to discuss the challenges and common problems that European health systems currently face, including antimicrobial resistance, the burden of chronic diseases, ageing population, adherence problems, access to and fragmentation of care, spiralling costs, etc.

The meeting highlighted community pharmacy’s contribution to sustainable health systems in the form of patient-focused pharmacy services such as medicines use review, health checks, chronic disease management programmes, vaccination etc. which aim to address some of those challenges.

In her concluding remarks Ms Grossetête said “we cannot address all the challenges we face across European health systems if we continue doing what we always did. We have heard today a very strong commitment from the community pharmacy profession and I believe we all must support their efforts.”

PGEU Immediate Past President, Darragh O’Loughlin, who chaired the meeting, in his closing remarks, concluded: “More than 90% of medicines are dispensed in community pharmacies. We as a profession are ideally placed to improve medication adherence, to address issues relating to polypharmacy and to empower patients to self-manage their long-term conditions. Our network of 160.000 community pharmacies provides a unique opportunity to improve access to disease prevention, health screening and early intervention.

Our citizens live most of their lives in the community. We need to keep that in mind when thinking about our health systems. Effective, accessible and resilient health systems rely on strong primary care. All healthcare professionals and in particular community pharmacists must be enabled to play their part fully.”

Pictures of the event are available here.

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